With Energy 

 Went to my first casting under KMA. I personally thought it went well but you never know with these things. It’s honestly sad that you never get a rejection letter/message either. I get that no call means that you didn’t get it but some kind of “hey, you didn’t get it” message would be nice too. As a Recruiter, I deal with rejecting people all the time and I feel like it’s really important to never leave people wondering. Show business is so different. There’s no real time to cater to someone’s feelings and I guess it’s something that people just deal with. When I came up the elevator, I was shocked to see so many little girls. There were definitely more “kids” than “moms” which caused a lot of traffic in the waiting room. I was there to read for the “mom” role. I always feel so unprepared because I’ve never invested in a headshot and don’t have comp cards. I felt like everyone in there had both. I also ran into Cam’s cousin who was reading for the male part and he didn’t have a comp card either so that made me feel a little better. My appointment was at 5pm but I got there around 4:45pm to check in. I managed to get seen around 5ish which was not bad considering there were people waiting there for hours. I went into the room to read and I was paired up with a little girl that had never done that type of thing before. I always feel bad for the kids that don’t want to be there. This was also the first time a director told me that he liked my energy. I’m usually getting – one more time, with more energy said to me after I read. (Note to self:  remind Cam how to do a slate!). I still haven’t heard back from them so it’s kind of safe to assume I didn’t get it. Cam and I have another casting this week so hopefully that’ll be more exciting.


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