Team Sports

Most ( youth) sports leagues in Hawaii start at age 3. For those parents wanting to live vicariously through their kids, they have the option of enrolling t-ball, flag football and soccer. Golf is available around age 5.

We had originally wanted to wait until Logan was older before we started but our friends set up a team through I9 Sports so rushed to sign up. Sunday was our last game of the season and of course, that’s when the whole team actually starts doing well! Go figure right? So after the $130.00 enrollment, $60.00 for shoes/shin guards (Cam had to get these Nike shoes!) and what ever expenses we came out for our snack day, I’ve come to the conclusion that I9 Sports isn’t the right organization for us. Not because of the cost but because of the whole program. There’s no practice, no fundamentals and it’s basically (very) cute kids running back and forth on the field. The worst part is the game time – arrive by 9 and play when the ref decides to walk on the field (I still can’t figure out how this works). Overall Logan had a great time, it was cute and we learned a lot but I think personally this wasn’t the right place for us. It also taught me that I need to be a more engaged sports mom. I’ll write more about that later!


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