Uncorked: Schramsberg

Shirt: Say | Watch: Batman for Lego 

I’ve been lucky that Don (Cam’s Stepdad) is a wine connoisseur. That means that I will always be offered glass of something delicious. This “Uncorked” series is going to document all the bottles that we’ve uncorked. This particular brand is a staple in Don’s wine cabinet. Celebrating a holiday? Special Event? Celebrating a Wednesday night? They’ll always have a bottle of Schramsberg being chilled and I love that.

I’ve always made the mistake of calling this champagne instead of “Sparkling Wine” – (sorry Schramsberg lol)! I also learned that a sparkling wine should only be called Champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne, France. (If that’s wrong, sorry but if that’s right then well you learned something today!) The bottle Logan is holding is a 2012 Querencia Brut RosΓ© from Napa Valley. I tend to gets hints of peach and buttery cookies when I drink this and I know that’s weird but that what I taste lol.   If you’re ever interested in visiting Schramsberg and trying it yourself, they have tours daily! Click here for more info!


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