Magnolia Ice Cream @ Ka Makana Ali’i

We stopped by Ka Makana Ali’i in Kapolei on Saturday and as we were driving over, I was expecting to see a large shopping center. The way they were marketing it, I assumed it would be just as grand as Ala Moana.  So we get there and what we found was a very fancy strip mall. A lot of the stores were still closed but the ones that were open were great! SoHa Living, F21 Red and so much more! What I really liked about this mall was how family friendly it was. The grassy courtyard was a perfect area for kids, there’s live music and tons of seating. The dining options were great as well combining both food courts and tons of food trucks! I did see a lemonade stand selling lemonades for $7.00 a cup which I thought was insane. We also found a Magnolia Ice Cream store which instantly reminded me of being pregnant with Logan! I ate a pint of Ube ice cream in one sitting! Gross I know. We hardly make our way out to Kapolei so this was a nice way to spend the day. Logan got some ice cream and I did a little shopping.


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