I’m one of those parents that buy supplies to D.I.Y things but end up tossing those purchases because I don’t have time. Or it just doesn’t come out the way I want it to. I bought all the scrapbooking necessities. Acid free paper, scissors that have designed edges and cute little stickers. Where are they now? Who knows. Then comes Shutterfly who made these photo books that were cumbersome to make, shipping was super expensive, there were too many options and it wasn’t user friendly. Now comes Chatbooks. The love of my life. I started Chatbooks on a whim and now have a few prints plus a bunch of collections waiting to be printed. For $8.00-$10.00 (including shipping) you get 60 colorful photos printed and shipped to you. I bulk photos from trips, life events and random things like Logan’s snapchat photos lol. Best part is that it all syncs from your phone, Instagram and Facebook! So easy right?

If you’re interested you can get your first book for free! Click here to get started!


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