Modeling Agencies


I was hoping to start this blog in 2017 – brand new year, blah blah blah… Well, fun stuff came up so I decided to start it now. What a better way to start our first post with some life updates but first, here’s some history behind this post:

Prior to moving to Hawaii, I worked with various agencies in San Francisco (Blackwell Files, Look, etc.) and after moving to Hawaii, I signed with ADR. When Logan turned one, we met and signed with Wilhelmina – Hawaii which is now ADR. Cam wasn’t signed but still managed to land go-see’s. We randomly landed a commercial as a family and that made us want to try really getting into commercial/print work.

After numerous conversations between Cam and I, we made the decision to find an agency that will try to work harder at getting us work – even if it was just a go-see. After speaking with Tania at Kathy Muller Agency, I learned so much and really felt like we were in a good place. As of 11/16, our little family signed a modeling/acting contract. Were super excited to start going to castings  and hopefully book some work. (Cam actually went to his first casting this morning! More on that later…)

Signing to an agency doesn’t mean I have it in my head that we’re awesome and will be booking a ton of work. I’m pretty realistic of my expectations and if we as a group or individually land work, great. If not, that’s fine too.

With that said, wish us luck as we try to break into the industry lol!


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